National Old English Sheepdog Council

Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council

 Delegates to the National OES Council
Each State OES Club appoints a delegate to the NOESC as its representative to the Council.  While the responsibilities of the Council’s President and Secretary/Treasurer are addressed in the Council’s Constitution, the responsibilities of delegates are not.  The Council has adopted the following role statement to be used to instruct newly appointed delegates, guide delegates in performing their role and as a guide to Clubs in selecting delegates.
The functions of the delegate are to:
·       Receive and analyse information received from the NOESC
·       Ensure the progress of Council business through their State processes, whatever consultative processes are
       acceptable     to & used with Club members in that State
·       Liaise with the Council Secretary/Treasurer to clarify information, communicate opinions, gauge National Council opinion, etc
·       Inform the Council of State Club concerns, opinions and decisions, represent & gain support for those decision
·       Keeps their State Club members informed about Council issues and activities
·       Ensures that the State Club meets Council deadlines in relation to AGM & other significant matters
·       Represents Council decisions at a State level and explains National issues & decisions to the State Committee & Members
·       Liaise with delegates from other States to ensure that Council and State issues are canvassed and clarified.
·       Ensure that the State Club complies with the Council Constitution and Rules in transacting business with the Council
·       Be aware of Council Constitution and Rules and raise with the Council Secretary or President any queries about the
        Constitution and Rules, or any issues of compliance with those        
·       Be a credible representative of the State Club, acting in a professional manner in the conduct of the delegate’s role
·       Always ensure that the long term good of the breed is considered and represented in Club and Council deliberations.

Criteria for selection as NOESC delegate:

The role of delegate to the NOESC requires that the person have the skills, resources, knowledge and commitment to perform that role.  In choosing a person to perform that role, the State Club should consider the following criteria:

*     A reasonable level of knowledge about the Breed Standard
*     A reasonable level of knowledge about showing & show management
*     An interest in Breed management & strategic issues relating to the breed
*     On the Committee of the relevant State Club
*     Preferably a willingness and ability to attend the Council AGM’s
*     Preferably access to fax &/or E-mail communications and a word processor
*     A willingness to use a personal phone for Breed business
*     Preferably computer & word processing