National Old English Sheepdog Council

Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council


                                                                 NATIONAL OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG COUNCIL
                                                                                      Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council
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The Old English Sheepdog Clubs of each State in Australia together form the National Old English Sheepdog Council. 
It was formed at a meeting of all the State Clubs in 1988 as an avenue to:
  • Encourage & promote the quality of breeding, care, training and exhibition of the Old English Sheepdog
  • Educate and encourage exhibitors, breeders and judges to abide by the Australian Breed Standard
  • Represent the interests of the breed at the national level
  • Increase the cooperation and communication between Clubs and co-operate with kindred bodies in other countries
  • Facilitate a combined response to issues facing the breed across all States or between States
  • Offer the prestigious title of  ‘National’ to State Clubs wishing to run a show with interstate support (the title of “National” for a specialty show can only be used with the Council’s approval)
  • receive recognition for the breed with the Australian National Kennel Council.

The Council is not a Club (it doesn’t have individuals as members) and is not a ‘body’ in the legal or physical sense as State Clubs are, as it doesn’t run activities in its own right.

The Council’s structure consists of:

  • The President  who is elected for a two-year term – each State nominates a President in turn. 
  • The Secretary/Treasurer  who is likewise elected for a two-year term.  Any Club can nominate someone for this job.  
  • State Delegates – each State nominates a Delegate each year (a person can be re-nominated any number of times).  The Delegate is familiar with the Council’s Constitution, takes a special interest in National issues and cooperation, moves Council business through the State Club’s processes and actively communicates between the National Council and the State Club. 

All communication and business with the Council goes through the Secretary/Treasurer.

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