National Old English Sheepdog Council

Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council
Criteria Governing The Conduct
Of National Shows
State OES Clubs require the support of the National OES Council for any application to conduct a “National Show”. 
The minimum criteria used by the NOESC in deciding whether to support a Club’s application are as follows:
This Criteria is a minimum standard to which application to hold a National Show will be considered.

1.0          DATE:

              1.1         The show must not be scheduled on the same date as any other State Club’s Championship
                            Show/Parade or any State’s Royal show.  (Where possible there should be at least one major
                            show in the week preceding or following the proposed National to enable interstate exhibitors to
                            enter several shows on their trip).
              1.2          National shows will be held bi-annually following the completion of the 1994 National Show
                            (ie 1996, 1998, 2000……)
              1.3          Any Member Club seeking to hold a National show during a designated biennium shall address the
                             criteria set down by the National body and submit that nomination to the National body for consideration.
              1.4          In the event of two (2) or more Member Clubs nominating to hold a National Show in the same
                             biennium, and providing that those Member Clubs nominating satisfy the criteria, the Member Club
                             that has not held a National Show shall be given first preference.  All other things being equal,
                             the Member Club which held the National show the longest time ago shall be given priority over all
                             other nominations.

2.0          LOCATION:         

              2.1         The host Club is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate space for all exhibitors to groom
                            their dogs, adequate ring sizes, sufficient car parking, catering etc.  An undercover judging area
                            must be available.

3.0           JUDGE:

              3.1         The judge should not have judged the breed in Australia or New Zealand for at least 8 years prior
                            to the date of the proposed National Show and should have extensive experience and involvement
                            with the breed.  Selection of the judge is the responsibility of the host Club.
              3.2         That the host Club have three (3) choices for judges for the National Show when applying for
                            approval.   These judges are not to be contracted but rather approved so that should the first
                            contracted judge be unable to attend, the second choice (already approved) is approached and so on.

4.0         BUDGET:            

             4.1          The budget is the responsibility of the host Club.  That Club must declare in good faith that their
                            budget is sufficient to cover the running of the Show and associated events.

5.0          EVENTS:

             5.1          The host Club will run as a minimum the following events:
                            The National Show                     A judge’s critique                      A breed seminar
                            A NOESC meeting and      Social gatherings.              


6.0         ADVERTISING:

             6.1          The host Club will ensure that advertisements of the Show and subsequent events will appear in all
                           OES Club magazines and in each State’s official canine publication 6 months prior to the date of
                            the show, bearing in mind closing dates of these publications.  Advertisements in each State’s
                            official canine magazine must include the following information:
                           Name of the fixture.
                           The date and address of the venue at which the fixture will be held.
                           The name of the Judge.
                           The name, address and phone number of the Secretary of the Club conducting the fixture,
                           or where schedules may be obtained.
                           The date entire for the fixture close.

7.0             RING PRESENTATION

                7.1       The presentation of the rings should be up to the host Club.

8.0            TROPHIES

                8.1        Trophies

                            The trophies on offer at a National Show are to be of a higher standard than those that are normally
                            on offer at the Club’s Annual Championship Show.

                8.2        Care of Trophies

                            8.2.1         The National Secretary shall have control of all Trophies which are the property of the
                                             National Old English Sheepdog Council.

                            8.2.2          The National Secretary shall keep a photographic record of all such Trophies.

                            8.2.3          Engraving & funding

                                          The National Secretary shall arrange for the engraving (as soon as possible
                                                              after a National Show) of the details of each winner on appropriate Trophies
                                                              and no person holding a Trophy shall cause any engraving to be made on a
                                                              Trophy without prior written permission of the National Secretary.

                                         The host Club shall be responsible for the cost of engraving the Trophies.

                                         The host Club shall be responsible for postage of said trophies.

                            8.2.4         The holder of any Trophy shall keep the Trophy in a good and clean condition.

                            8.2.5         At least one month prior to a National Show the holder of any trophy shall deliver then to
                                             the National Secretary or, if so directed by the National Secretary, to the Secretary of the
                                             Member Club hosting the next National Show.

9.0            OBEDIENCE TRIAL

                9.1         It will be optional for Clubs to hold an obedience trial or restricted obedience trial in conjunction
                             with the National Show.

10.0          OTHER

               10.1           Billetting

                               10.1.1       The host Club should be prepared to provide billeting for interstate exhibitors who wish to
                                               use billets.  Advice should also be made available on alternative accommodation,
                                               transport and grooming facilities.

               10.2          Contact with the Judge

                               10.2.1       There should be no social functions scheduled before the Show with the judge.  No
                                               exhibitor (whether a Club official or not) should be allowed to meet the judge before the
                                               Show, while the judge is the guest of the host Club.

               10.3           Agreement with Breed Council

                               10.3.1       All criteria for the running of National Shows must be addressed and once approval is
                                               given to the proposal, it then becomes contractual between the NOESC and the Breed
                                               Club.  If changes need to be made, they must be approved by a majority of Member Clubs
                                               of the NOESC.
[Updated to include amendment passed at AGM 17.10.98]