National Old English Sheepdog Council

Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council


A History of all National OES Shows
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 - 1982 New South Wales.        Judge:  Mr Cai Haakansson (USA)
 - 1983 Tasmania.               Judge:  Ms Jilly Bennett (UK)
 - 1985 Western Australia.       Judge:  Mr Ed Johanssen (USA)
 - 1986 South Australia.        Judge:  Ms Brigitte Schjoth (Denmark)
 - 1988 New South Wales.         Judge:  Mr Stan Fisher (UK)
 - 1989 Tasmania.                Judge:  Mr Robert Caswell (USA)
 - 1991 South Australia.          Judge:  Mr Ivor Thick (UK)
 - 1992 Victoria.                 Judge:  Mrs Terry Carter (USA)
 - 1993 New South Australia.     Judge:  Mrs Ruth Wilkinson (UK)
 - 1994 Western Australia.       Judge:  Mrs Nina Underwood (UK)
 - 1996 Victoria.                Judge:  Mrs J. Joice (UK)
 - 1998 Sth Australia.           Judge:  Mr Larry Stein (USA)
 - 2000 Victoria.                Judge:  Mrs Alex Little (UK)
 - 2003 South Australia.         Judge:  Mrs Barbara Muller
 - 2006 Western Australia.       Judge:  Ms Catherine Cargo (USA)
 - 2008 South Australia.         Judge:  Mr Davor Javor (Croatia)
  - 2010 Victoria.                Judge:   Mrs Nancy Shaffer-Smith (USA)