National Old English Sheepdog Council

Affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council

                                                                     The Next National To Be Held
                                                          The Victorian Club has applied to hold the next National Championship Show
                                                                                             in Melbourne on 29th October, 20016
                                                      Location:  KCC Park, Westernport Highway, Skye,  Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia
                                                                                       Woody Nelson (Moptop Kennels) from America 
                                                                              Dr Leif Ragnor Hjorth (Rosenhjorth Kennels) from Norway 
                                                                   Associated events:   Breed seminar and/or grooming and handling seminar;
                                                                                   After-show dinner;  Group and/or all-breeds shows on
                                                                      Sunday 30th  and Monday 31st October and Tuesday 1st November.
                                                                                                        Please put this date in your diary.